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8 Item(s)

Western Bracelets

Cowboys and ranchers are famous and respected the world over for their hard work and dedication to their craft. With rigorous labour comes the unfortunate incidence of joint soreness and aching muscles caused by overuse. Thousands of cowboys, ranchers, and “urban cowboys” have turned to Sabona magnetic bracelets to help ease some of this discomfort. To reward their patronage, Sabona has developed an exclusive line of Western jewellery featuring designs that compliment any cowboy or cowgirl. Find your favourite today!

Western Jewellery Built to Last

At Sabona, we know that hard working people need hard working jewellery. That’s why all of our Western bracelets are constructed with permanent link pins to make sure it stays together through even the most rigorous activities. They are also made from 316L stainless steel and Samarium Cobalt magnets, which will not rust. In styles with gold or silver accents, we use .999% pure silver and 18 k gold in plating that is 3 microns thick (industry standard is 0.25 microns thick) so it won’t wear off. We want to make sure you can wear your Sabona Western jewellery every day to get the maximum benefits of magnets – that’s why our Western bracelets are made to last, and backed it up by an industry-leading 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.


All of Sabona’s Western bracelets are link-style. Like all link-style bracelets, it’s important to leave a little extra slack when considering which size to order. This is why we recommend adding between 1/4" (.64 cm) to 1/2" (1.27 cm) to the circumference of your wrist before matching the measurement to one of our sizes. We advocate this added room to ensure your comfort while wearing the piece each day; if it’s too tight it will stick to skin and not move as freely as it was originally designed.

Caring for your Sabona Western Bracelet

Our quality materials and craftsmanship mean your new Western bracelet won’t need a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. To clean and polish your Western jewellery, simply use a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth to clean off the underside and gently polish the outer areas. Also, as an added precaution, please avoid household cleaning products from coming into contact with your Sabona jewellery, and remove it before swimming in salt or chlorinated water.

Western Bracelet Product Highlights

  • Require minimal care/maintenance
  • Six-month Sabona warranty on all designs
  • Rust proof Samarium Cobalt magnets and 316L stainless steel
  • Thick gold and silver plating on gold/silver designs
  • All styles available in three different sizes* to fit wrists of all sizes

*Ensure you refer to our sizing chart before ordering.