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6 Item(s)

Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristbands

Whether it’s a day in the boardroom or the weight room, you should have a Sabona bracelet to suit any environment. We offer a wide selection of health bracelets, which is why we developed our popular line of Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristbands. Combining the benefits of negative ions and magnets, the Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristband is made from a negative (minus) ion-producing silicone to help boost energy and serotonin levels. Our magnetic sports wristbands also contain four 1200-gauss magnets for the optimum combination of performance. Order your Sabona Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristband and see the difference it can make for you.

The Most Durable Athletic Magnetic Wristbands

These rubber magnetic bracelets are made with high-grade silicone to provide long-term durability and optimal comfort. Embedded in the Sabona Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristband are Samarium Cobalt magnets that are rust-resistant – even when exposed to sweat regularly. We know our materials will stand up to regular wear by even the most avid athletes, so we offer an industry-leading warranty on our designs.


Sabona athletic magnetic wristbands are made with high quality silicone that stretches out to be put on and taken off, and return to their original size. They are designed to fit snugly yet comfortably against the skin so the ion and magnet materials can work effectively. Please measure your wrist circumference carefully and match it to one of our three available sizes.

Instructions to Care for Silicone Magnetic Bracelets

Sabona athletic magnetic wristbands can be hand-washed in mild soap and water. Although these bracelets are intended to be worn through nearly any activity, avoid swimming in salt or chlorinated water while wearing them, or if using household cleaning products.


  • Available in five different colours and a unisex design
  • Rust proof Samarium Cobalt magnets and quality negative-ion forming materials
  • Available in three different sizes and has stretchable silicone to fit any wrist
  • Comes with a six-month Sabona warranty