Cable Twist

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3 Item(s)

Cable Twist Magnetic Bracelets

Sabona Cable Twist Magnetic Bracelets, often called magnetic golf bracelets, are among our best selling styles. These designs are athletic-activity friendly while remaining stylish enough for the clubhouse, making them the perfect option for golfers. They’re so popular, if you see a PGA Tour player wearing a magnetic bracelet as he or she climbs the leader board next Sunday, chances are it’s a Sabona Cable Twist Golf Magnetic Bracelet! Join the pros and choose one of these stylish golf bracelets for your game today.

Sabona Cable Twist Golf Bracelet Quality

Each design is made from guaranteed non-rusting 316L stainless steel and rust-resistant premium 1200-gauss Samarium Cobalt magnets set north polar facing inside each end. This method ensures the maximum amount of magnetic therapy within a flexible and stylish bracelet design. Unlike most other golf bracelets, our designs are made to last. We know they will stand up to the daily wear of even the most prolific golfer, which is why we offer a limited manufacturer’s warranty on all our women’s and men’s golf bracelets.


The Cable Twist Magnetic golf bracelet is meant to fit snugly for optimal magnetic benefit. Still, it should not be too tight to wear comfortably on a daily basis, so please measure your wrist circumference with this in mind. Before ordering, make sure you refer to our sizing chart to get the correct Sabona size.

Magnetic Golf Bracelet Maintenance & Care

Sabona Cable Twist Magnetic golf bracelets contain no copper, so they only need occasional polishing. To do this, we recommend using a fine-jewellery cleaning cloth. With all our jewellery, we suggest you avoid using cleaning products or swimming in chlorinated or salt water while wearing your Sabona Cable Twist Magnetic golf bracelet in order to preserve its finish for as long as possible.

Cable Twist Product Highlights:

  • Premium materials including rust proof stainless steel and Samarium Cobalt magnets
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Six-month limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Requires limited daily care and maintenance
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Neutral styling to suit both men and women