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6 Item(s)

Athletic Magnetic Bracelets

The Sabona athletic bracelet is a revolutionary way to get all the benefits of both magnets and negative ions in a fashionable accessory. Whether it’s a quick morning jog or intense boot camp class, this design is a more comfortable and athlete-friendly way to wear a Sabona magnetic bracelet. The Sabona magnetic athletic bracelet features a titanium negative (minus) ion-producing material built inside a comfortable, breathable stretch fabric, as well as four 1200-gauss magnets, each positioned bio north. Feel the wellness benefits of ions and magnets while you exercise – order yours today.

Highly Durable Athletic Bracelets

Sabona athletic bracelets are built to be worn through even the most rigorous workouts. We use only low-carbon Samarium Cobalt magnets that will not rust no matter how much you sweat. We want you to wear your Sabona athletic bracelet during every workout to get the maximum benefits of magnets and negative ions, so we made them comfortable as well as highly functional. We’ve even backed this up with an industry-leading 6-month warranty.


These bracelets are made with highly stretchable materials that will stretch in order to be put on and taken off, as well as fit snugly against the skin to provide the most benefits from the ion and magnet materials. Still, we offer three different sizes to accommodate wrists of any size and shape. Ensure you measure your wrist circumference carefully and match it to the closest size.

Washing/Care Instructions

Sabona athletic bracelets can be hand-washed in mild detergent. Our premium magnets will not rust from regular washing. Although these bracelets can be worn through nearly any activity, we highly recommend you avoid swimming in chlorinated or salt water while wearing Sabona athletic bracelets as well as when using household cleaning products.


  • Available in six different colours and unisex design to suit any taste
  • Features rust proof Samarium Cobalt magnets and quality negative-ion forming materials
  • Available in three different sizes and has stretchable elastic fabric to fit any wrist
  • Comes with a six-month Sabona warranty