Sabona Bracelet Sizing

It is very important to have the correct size of magnetic, copper and ionic bracelet, as Sabona believes they should fit comfortably enough to be worn every day. This is why Sabona offers a wide selection of bracelet sizes for our various styles and models. Please refer to our bracelet size chart for instructions on how to correctly determine your Sabona bracelet sizing, before placing your order with us.

Sabona Copper Magnetic Bracelet Sizing

To correctly size a Sabona Copper Magnetic Bracelet, carefully measure the circumference of your wrist and then subtract between 1/2" (1.27 cm) to 3/4" (1.90 cm) from your wrist size to determine what size of bracelet is needed. Copper bracelets should be snug, but not too tight. If you are in between these bracelet sizes, it is preferable to have a smaller rather than larger band size.

  • Small (5.5" or 13.97 cm)
  • Medium (6.0" or 15.24 cm)
  • Large (6.5" or 16.5 cm)
  • Extra Large (7.0" or 17.78 cm)

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Sabona Magnetic Link Bracelet Sizing

For proper sizing of a Sabona Magnetic Link Bracelet, you must measure the circumference of your wrist and add anywhere between 1/4" (.64 cm) to ¾ 3/4" (1.90 cm) to get the correct corresponding Sabona bracelet sizing. Carefully consider how snug you would like it to be. Generally, link bracelets fit a little more loosely in order to avoid sticking to the skin.

  • Small (6.5” or 16.5 cm) *Women’s styles, select men’s styles
  • Medium (7.0” or 17.78 cm)
  • Large (7.5” or 19.05 cm)
  • Extra Large (8.0” or 20.32 cm) *Men’s styles, select women’s styles
  • Double Extra Large (8.5” or 21.59 cm) *Men’s styles

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Sabona Athletic Magnetic Bracelet Sizing

Sabona Athletic Bracelets will stretch to be easily taken on and off, but will then quickly shrink back to the original size. Sabona bracelets are meant to be as comfortable as possible so carefully measure the circumference of your wrist, remembering to size for comfort. The correct size will be very close to the circumference of your wrist.

  • Extra Small (5.75" or 14.6 cm)
  • Small/Medium (6.75" or 17.14 cm)
  • Large/Extra Large (7.75" or 19.68 cm)

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Sabona Magnetic Bracelets come pre-sized and should be selected carefully at time of purchase. Permanent pins are used to hold the links together and cannot be removed or the warranty will become void.