Sabona Competitive Comparison

At Sabona Canada, we believe we make the best copper and magnetic bracelets in the industry, and we want you think so too. Each and every Sabona bracelet is crafted with premium quality materials. Still, we know that to be 100% comfortable with your purchase, it’s important to read all the copper and magnetic bracelet reviews out there. But where to look? And how will you know what is the best magnetic bracelet or copper bracelet on the market?

Finding the Best Magnetic or Copper Bracelet

We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what you are buying with each brand, and even more difficult to be sure that you are getting the best magnetic or copper bracelet on the market. That’s why we have summarized the product features in our review of our main competitors: Q Ray, Rayma, and Trionz.

  Sabona Q-Ray Rayma Trionz
Beneficial Materials Copper, Magnetic & Ionized Ionized Ionized Ionized & Magnetic
Guarantee / Warranty 6-month warranty, 30-day satisfaction guarantee 30-day satisfaction guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee 30-day exchange policy
Plating Quality 18/23k gold, .999% silver, 3 microns thick 18/24k gold, sterling sliver Silver-plated N/A
Copper Quality 99.9% pure copper N/A N/A N/A
Magnet Strength / Quality 1200 to 1700-gauss Samarium Cobalt, north polarity N/A N/A 1000-gauss therapeutic, unknown polarity
Selection 50+ styles, 4+ sizes 3 styles, 4 sizes 17 styles, 4 sizes 18 colours, 3 sizes

Sabona Copper Magnetic Bracelet Reviews

"I swear by Sabona bracelets and it has made a difference to my life. I would like to pass on the good news to other rheumatism sufferers".
- Susan Hampshire, OBE

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