The Authentic Magnetic Bracelet Manufacturer

Sabona is the world’s premiere manufacturer of magnetic wristband jewellery, most well known for our extremely popular copper and magnetic bracelets. Our unmatched collection of magnetic wristbands includes copper, negative ion and magnetic bracelets. Our renowned copper and magnetic wristband designs are favoured around the world for their high quality materials and craftsmanship, stylish designs, industry-leading 6-month warranty and many favourable health benefits.

The Best Selection of Copper and Magnetic Bracelets in Canada

Sabona Canada offers a hugely popular magnetic bracelet line that includes stainless steel bracelets for men and women, Sabona Cable Twist Bracelets, our Pro-Magnetic Wristbands and Athletic Magnetic Bracelets, and even a unique Western Bracelet series. Sabona’s powerful magnet bracelets have also been adapted into an exclusive line of Magnetic Necklaces, as well as a line of copper magnetic bracelets. Additionally, we have incorporated negative ion technology into our athletic magnetic wristbands and necklaces. Our product selection is unmatched in the magnetic jewellery industry – and we can prove it. Compare us directly with other magnetic wristband brands on our Competitive Comparison page.

Discover the Benefits of a Sabona Magnetic Bracelet

There are many benefits Sabona’s copper and magnetic jewellery. Have a look at our in-depth Sabona Benefits pages to find out how our products might be able to help you. You can even try out one of our copper, ion or magnet bracelets or necklaces today, risk free. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it for a full refund. See our Returns Policy for more information. To find out more information about a specific Sabona magnetic bracelet or necklace, contact our friendly team today.

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